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Imperator: Rome

Imperator: Rome marching our way next year

Conquer the classical world and govern your people.

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Rome as a time period is no stranger to strategy games, and now Paradox Interactive has revealed a brand new game adding to the genre, called Imperator Rome, an upcoming grand strategy title set in between the height of Athenian power and the start of the Roman Empire 400 years later.

So technically it's not just about Rome then, as you can rule any nation in what's called "the most detailed Paradox map ever stretching from the Pillars of Hercules," meaning you can build an empire, govern republics or monarchies, balance factions, and make sure the loyalty is kept as your power expands.

The press release highlights features such as character management, as each character in the world has various skills you'll need to utilise to be successful, as well as the populations, each with their own culture, religion, and happiness to contend with. Battle tactics are also going to be very important, as are military traditions, government types, rebellion, trade, and much more.

We'll be seeing Imperator: Rome come our way next year, but for now there's a trailer to keep us satisfied. Is this the kind of classical strategy game you've been wanting?

Imperator: RomeImperator: RomeImperator: Rome

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