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Impact Winter

Impact Winter: "we don't want it to be comparable"

We talk to Mojo Bones about the intriguing new survival adventure.

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We recently got our hands on Impact Winter at a suitably chilly event in Sweden hosted by the game's publisher, Bandai Namco. During that trip we also got to sit down with Mojo Bones' Stuart Ryall and Mark Norman.

Among the many things discussed, including the premise of the game, the characters you meet, and their release plans, studio co-founder and lead artist Mark Norman told us about the game's transition from 2D concept to 3D reality:

"Impact Winter started out originally as a 2D game," he explained, "which probably would have been madness to create now that we think back to it. But as time went by we decided to make the move to using Unity and 3D. I think those initial conceptual phases of creating the characters and the world in 2D, they sort of naturally filtered down into the art style."

"But we generally don't go out of our way to be influenced by anything directly, and certainly not by anything current, because we don't want it to be comparable to anything."

The man from Mojo Bones then listed some of the studio's collective inspirations for the game, and these influences included John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg, with Norman saying:

"We wear our influences on our sleeve, so generally a style of a game that we come up with is generally a response to the premise. The time that we've got, the size of our team, you know, and so we work within our own boundaries and let that kind of dictate, and whatever comes out, comes out."

Impact Winter is set to hit PC in April. A console version is planned, but as yet there is no firm date for release.


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