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Guns of Boom

Impact Gaming win Gods of Boom ESL One Cologne tournament

Guns of Booms' event had a familiar team on the winner's podium, who beat Lazarus in the grand final.

While most of the attention at the ESL One Cologne event may have been focused on the CS:GO action (in which Team Liquid lifted the trophy), we also had a Gods of Boom competition for Guns of Boom, in which Impact Gaming emerged victorious and earned $50,000 USD for their troubles.

Their final opponents Lazarus gave them a good fight at the end, and they did walk away with $20,000, so it wasn't like they left empty-handed. Impact Gaming has also had a lot of success in Guns of Boom esports, so they were likely the favourites for many heading into the final.

Did you catch the competition?

Guns of Boom
Photo: ESL

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