Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum hopes to take a Cyberpunk 2077 with huge update

Can more content, New Game+, a free trial and performance boost mark a comeback for this game in two weeks?

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Yours truly was without a doubt one of the most positive reviewers out there when Immortals of Aveum launched back in August, so it wasn't surprising to learn that Ascendant Studios had to lay off almost half its staff after poor sales three weeks later. That didn't mean the remaining developers were giving up on the game. They promised to keep working on it and improving many things about their debut title. We'll see the first big part of this in two weeks.

Ascendant Studios reveals that Immortals of Aveum is getting a massive update on the 16th of November. The Echollector Update won't just improve the performance and fix bugs. It'll also give us more endgame content. New corrupted Shatterfanes will appear throughout Aveum, taking us to new places and a new boss. Doing this will also reward us with new gear and lore, so it'll be interesting to see how big of an impact these things have.

Speaking of gear, the update will also include New Game+. This will let us play through the game again with most spells and abilities (not Augment spells), and our gear can be upgraded to even higher levels. Then it makes sense that a new, higher difficulty level called Grand Magnus is also being introduced to give us more of a challenge.

These improvements and additions are obviously nice for those of us who already own the game, but they're probably not enough on paper to convince those still sitting on the fence. That's why a free trial version will become available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on the 16h of November (a Steam demo will launch in "the second half of November"). This will let you play through the first two chapters of the game. Not bad, even if the game becomes a lot better when you get better gear and abilities later on.

Expect more detailed information about this update throughout the next two weeks.

Immortals of Aveum
Immortals of Aveum

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