Immortal Redneck

Immortal Redneck is heading to Switch in May

The roguelike shooter is heading to Nintendo's console in just a couple of weeks.

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If you're a shooter fan on Switch there's not a huge number of games to keep you entertained on Nintendo's platform, but at least there's one more on the horizon. Immortal Redneck, the roguelike shooter that we really liked back when it landed on PC, has subsequently done the business on PS4 and Xbox One and is now looking for somewhere new to strut its stuff. The somewhere is Nintendo Switch, and the when is May 10 (which is just over a year after the Switch version was first mentioned to us when we interviewed the devs in London). Check out the trailer for the newest version of the game below.

Immortal RedneckImmortal RedneckImmortal Redneck

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