IKEA wants to pay you to play Roblox

The furniture powerhouse has opened a store in the game and is now looking for employees.

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We're not kidding, IKEA is opening an official store in Roblox and is currently in the process of hiring individuals to work at this store, a role of which will actually pay people to play the meta game and manage and keep tabs on the virtual store.

This will all happen through The Co-Worker Game, which will be a virtual universe that is debuting in Roblox on June 24. According to the announcement press release this "gives players the opportunity to experience IKEA's unique approach to careers where non-linear career journeys are the norm and lateral moves across departments are commonplace."

Applications for the role are officially open as of now, and will close on June 16. There will be 10 roles on offer, and we're told that "applicants will be able to flex their skills, help customers, and get promoted to move departments, just like in the real world."

To get the role, applicants will need to pass a virtual interview hosted between June 14 and 18. It's unclear just what the salary rate will be for this virtual IKEA role.

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