IGI 3: Origins

IGI 3 revealed, scheduled for 2021 release

The first teaser for the next entry in the long-running covert ops shooter has arrived to give us a sense of what's coming.

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Working with one of its subsidiary developers by the name of Artplant, Toadman Interactive is set to release the next installment in the long-running covert ops shooter franchise IGI in 2021. The developer has revealed the name for the sequel to 2003's IGI 2: Covert Strike too, announcing that it will be called IGI 3: Origins.

The game is said to follow the style of its predecessors by playing like a tactical stealth FPS, however, due to development still being in the early stages, we have yet to see much actual gameplay. That being said, Toadman has clarified that the game is in its prototyping stage.

CEO of Toadman Interactive - Robin Flodin - has spoken about the upcoming release. "I'm so psyched to announce that the prototyping is going well, and we already have a fun base game to play in the studio," Flodin said.

Fans of the first two games will be delighted to hear that the development team has one of the original creators of the franchise working with them, but more regarding that will be released in the future.

The first teaser of the upcoming game has shown a glimpse of what's to come, whilst the team are encouraging fans to get involved and voice their opinions about what they'd like to see in the game. This will allow them to improve pieces of the game as they build it out further, and you can find out more here.

"We are looking forward to being able to show more an get feedback from the gamer who love the franchise. We want to hear from you fans to make sure you get to see the most out of your game," Flodin added.

Considering fans have been waiting for this next entry into the franchise for over 15 years, we're sure we can all wait a little bit longer to ensure we get the best sequel possible.

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IGI 3: Origins

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