IEM Katowice cancels on-site event last minute

Those who are on-site waiting for the IEM Katowice Expo to begin will not be let into the venue.

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IEM Katowice is set to begin tomorrow and despite the event organisers having received word that the event was greenlit, they learned that had changed at 19:45 CET the evening before the event was to open its doors to the attendees. In a statement on the official site, ESL states that the Silesian Voivodeship informed it that the mass event license for IEM Katowice had been revoked despite a legally binding contract stating that the event had been approved for on-site attendance.

The post states: "The last time the decision was confirmed was several hours ago. The Governor of Silesian (Silesian Voivode) Jarosław Wieczorek issued a decision to remove their approval regarding ESL hosting a mass event in Katowice, Poland. Due to this development, Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 will not have any audience on-site. This means both Spodek-Arena audience as well as IEM Expo".

Summarised, this means that those who are on-site to attend IEM Katowice will not be let into the venue but the games will still be played and broadcast for those watching at home. Tickets for planned attendees will be refunded, however, it's unclear whether or not other expenses will be.

ESL ended its statement by apologising to those affected: "ESL respects this decision from the local authorities and is currently working on reaching out to all ticket holders, guests, and media. Tickets will be fully refunded. The tournament will be conducted and broadcasted as planned, but without any additional visitors on-site. We are deeply sorry for all fans and players".

IEM Katowice cancels on-site event last minute

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