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Idearum's "a 3D platform non-violence experience" from Stugan

We interviewed Marta Gil from Stugan about her game.

Stugan is an initiative that sees game developers spend two months alone in the woods just solely focused on their games as part of an accelerator program, and we spoke to one game designer, Marta Gil, who is working on Idearum, to talk about the game and the experience at Stugan.

"It's a 3D platform non-violence experience about a lost soul who has to become his perfect self to enter the perfect city of Atlantis, so you have to pass certain trials with different puzzles to do it," she explained when asked about what the game's about.

We also asked about whether the story is abstract or not, to which Gil responded: "Well in this case I think the story is pretty clear. We have the history before the game which you can see on the walls and stuff like that, but the [story] inside is pretty clear, because there's some characters called dementors and they're guiding the main character through the puzzles and explaining things [...] we show everything."

Stugan also came up in conversation, and Gil seemed to value the experience. "Well when we arrived here our game was super baby, it's still super baby by the way, but it's super cool to have the feedback from the other Stuganeers, because they have a lot of experience," she explained. "We are one of the small games in Stugan, and there's people who've been in the industry for years, and it was super cool to have this feedback because it's true, our game is super personal, and it's a bit weird in some cases. It's the kind of thing you can understand but maybe the other people [don't], and it's the first time we've shown the game to other people, so I think that's pretty... it really makes you grow."

More on Idearum and Gil's Stugan experience can be seen in the interview below. How do you like the sound of Idearum?

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