Id Software posts job listing for "a long-running iconic action FPS"

A new Doom or Quake seem like good bets.

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Job listings continues to be an invaluable source of information about things to come in the wonderful world of video games, and now we've got another clue about the future from Id Software.

Their last game was Doom Eternal, but judging from what they are currently hiring for, it seems like they have already started the production of their next title. One of the roles they are currently trying to fill is a Skybox Artist who will "be responsible for the visualization and implementation of AAA quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental vistas and skyboxes", for what is described as "a long-running iconic action FPS". And to do this, the person must be "well versed in Fantasy and Sci-fi art styles".

There aren't a whole lot of both long-running and iconic first-person shooters from Id Software, as Rage hardly qualifies for the description and Wolfenstein isn't really fantasy or sci-fi (and has also been developed by the Swedish studio MachineGames for almost a decade). This basically leaves us with Quake or Doom.

As they are currently also looking for positions like Gameplay Programmer, Senior Technical Animator and Senior Sound Designer, the project is probably about to enter full production, so hopefully a reveal won't be too far away in the future.

Which one do you think is more likely, and which one are you hoping for?

Id Software posts job listing for "a long-running iconic action FPS"

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