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Doom Eternal

Id Software: Doom Eternal's second DLC is "the biggest, most epic experience we've created"

We were recently able to catch up with executive producer Marty Stratton and game director Hugo Martin.

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The saga that kickstarted with Doom (2016) is coming to an end within The Ancient Gods - Part Two, Doom Eternal's final slice of DLC. This final chapter looks like it will take things out with a bang, as it introduces several new locales and beastly enemies for you to fight along with a new campaign. Ahead of its launch, we caught up with executive producer Marty Stratton and game director Hugo Martin to discuss just what fans can expect.

During our interview, Marty Stratton said that the DLC was: "It's really some of the biggest, most epic experience we've ever created at the studio." He continued: "The team has really just built on the experience through building Doom Eternal and Ancient Gods - Part One, and I think players are really going to be surprised throughout Part Two."

You can check out our full video interview below:


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