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Id Software asks Switch Pro to balance power and battery life

Billy Kahn, Lead Engine Programmer at id Software, praises the current model but also asks for some changes to the future one.

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Recently, id Software announced a major change to Doom Eternal's future contents. Also recently, the Nintendo Switch version received The Ancient Gods DLC, showing that id remains committed to the console. In fact, they're also looking forward to its new model.

Speaking with 3DJuegos, Billy Kahn, Lead Engine Programmer at id Software, addressed the rumoured Switch Pro. The long rumoured more powerful version is something that also appeals to Kahn, who wants "better hardware that remains useful for a long time".

"Balancing that with battery life is extremely important, because, if you have a mobile device, you want to use it, you don't want to have it plugged in and charging. That's not what it's for."

He also jokes a bit about it:

"A higher resolution screen would be nice, I always want more memory and more GPU power, get the best GPU you can into whatever device you make! As a graphics programmer, that's what I want!"

What do you expect from the next Nintendo console?

Doom Eternal

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