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Iceland has declined being a part of FIFA 17

EA and the Icelandic football association could not come to an agreement.

Next week marks the release of FIFA 17, and even though almost every team on the planet is in the game, the Icelandic national team has declined being in the game on account of being "badly treated" by publisher and developer EA.

Their national football association has been in talks with EA for quite some time, and now the head of the association, Geir Thorsteinsson, has revealed in an interview that negotiations were not successful.

Thorsteinsson said that the association was offered around two million Icelandic crowns (just under £13,400) to be a part of the game, and when the association made a counter offer, this was declined by EA.

Iceland has garnered quite the following ever since surprising everyone at the European Championships, so this is quite the loss for EA. The association however, is confident that negotiations will resume next year for FIFA 18.

Are you sad to lose the Icelandic team from FIFA 17?


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