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Dota 2

IceIceIce has left Team SMG

The Dota 2 professional will no longer be competing with the esports organisation.

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With the 2022 Dota 2 competitive season over, we're starting to see teams making roster decisions as they look ahead to the 2023 season. To this end, Team SMG has announced that Daryl "iceiceice" Koh has left the team, and that he will not be returning for next year.

"As the competitive year comes to a close, so does one's journey with each other. Where one door closes, a window elsewhere opens.

"Today, we bid farewell to @iceiceice, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours."

It should be said that IceIceIce's departure is purely down to his contract coming to an end, as Team SMG made clear in a follow up comment on Twitter.

As for what's next for Team SMG and IceIceIce, neither parties have made any announcement just yet.

Dota 2

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