Icarus has been delayed, but a series of Beta tests sets to run from August 28

Those who pre-order will gain access to Beta Weekends from 28 August 2021, according to the developer.

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In order to "ensure the game is the best it can be" for the players, developer Dean Hall, the same guy who brought us DayZ, along with his team at Rocketwerkz, have decided to push back their PvE survival game Icarus from the original August 13 release date to November.

"Sad for needing to delay @SurviveIcarus but not sad about deciding to delaying it. Big lesson from DayZ: the actual development state sets the timeline. The game needs a little bit more time to bake to be the most awesome", Dean Hall wrote on Twitter.

However, in order to make up for the bad news, as well as getting feedback from the community, the development team has decided to run "a series of Beta Weekends with each weekend unlocking new game features". As mentioned in the statement, those who pre-order will gain access to Beta Weekends from 28 August 2021. The plans have been made, and you can check all the details in the image below, or on this Steam page.


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