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I, Dracula: Genesis

I, Dracula: Genesis gets early access release on Steam

Apart from an early access release, there's also a free demo if you wish to try this supernatural roguelike before you buy it.

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I, Dracula Genesis is Moregames' most recent project, and it has been in development since 2015. There's still over a year to go until the planned launch in summer of 2021, but the roguelike is now available as an early access title on Steam for €13,29 (there's a 15% discount in place).

As for what you can expect, this is an action game with an isometric perspective and pixelated graphics on a roguelike structure, which puts the player face to face with supernatural, extraterrestrial creatures and other monsters - the player will control a macabre being. Although the studio still has over a year of work ahead, it promises that the early access version is already full of polished content.

If you have any doubts, you can always try the free demo, available via the official site. I, Dracula: Genesis is also being developed for consoles, scheduled to release in summer of 2021.

I, Dracula: GenesisI, Dracula: Genesis
I, Dracula: GenesisI, Dracula: GenesisI, Dracula: Genesis

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