Hyundai has shown off the next iteration of its commercial eVTOL

The vehicle is the next step towards a full-scale release in 2028.

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The next big frontier for technology companies to cross is seemingly how to make aviation more accessible. For many, this seems to revolve around the concept of small-scale passenger aircrafts such as VTOLs, and Hyundai has been hard at work developing and improving this technology for years.

Back in 2020 at CES it showed off the S-A1 VTOL, and now, four years later at CES 2024, it has shown off the successor, the S-A2 eVTOL. The vehicle is designed to host a pilot and four passengers, and is the next step forward toward a full-scale commercial debut in 2028.

It's said that the S-A2 is capable of cruising at 120 mph at around 1,500-foot altitude. The vehicle is also designed for trips that are around 25-40 miles, meaning don't expect this passenger craft to take you between New York City and London anytime soon. It uses eight all-tilting rotors to generate lift and propel itself, and is said to be as quiet as a dishwasher in operation, working between 45-65 dB.

As the S-A2 is still being improved and working towards safety and passenger certifications, we'll no doubt see iterations on this vehicle in the coming years, ahead of its debut and probable presentation once again at CES in 2028.

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Hyundai has shown off the next iteration of its commercial eVTOL

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