Hypothetical Marvel series What If...? will be arriving in August

The summer release window has been condensed a little further.

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One of the planned Marvel series arriving on Disney+ this year is What If...? a hypothetical take on the MCU that sees certain crucial events playing out differently, and then looks at the possible repercussions for those actions.

The shorter tales are non-canon and are purely new takes on the stories that have come to define the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain instead of Steve Rogers being Captain America.

Up until recently, we knew that the show was expected to be arriving in the summer, but a recent report by IGN has stated that What If...? will in fact be arriving on Disney+ in August.

We still don't quite have an official release date, but we do at least know a much more defined window that we can look to expect the show to land. If we had to guess, judging by the elusive August timeline, it will probably be dropping relatively early in the month, as Loki should have finished in mid-late July and Black Widow would have already premiered, meaning there is a pretty large window to fill until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings premieres on September 3.

Hypothetical Marvel series What If...?  will be arriving in August

Thanks, IGN.

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