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Hypixel releases four new update blogs for Hytale

After months of radio silence, Hypixel Studios has finally given us more information about the highly anticipated Hytale.

For those who are unaware, Hytale is a game being developed by Hypixel Studios; the team that created and ran the famous Hypixel server on Minecraft. This new fantasy RPG will allow players to create, destroy, explore and much more, with an art style similar to that of Minecraft. This new game will also allow players to edit existing architecture, create their own in-game scripts and also import their own models using the 'Hytale Model Maker'.

Hypixel Studios broke the silence this week with four new blog posts on its own website which brought with mountains of new information about the game, new screenshots and a new look at some of the gameplay.

The first blog post was an overall development update, this outlines why the developer had gone dark for a couple of months, the team talks about how the game has blown up and exceeded their own expectations so they have taken a different approach to ensure they make this game the best it can be. They also drop in that they hope to have "Hytale playable for everyone in 2021".

One post shows off some of the graphical updates that the team have improved over the last few months, adding in real-time shadows that will react to the positioning of the player and where the sun and moon are in the sky. Water will now have an additional depth to it, with the introduction of waves, reflections, refraction and more. They then go on to talk about the improvements within other aspects of the game.

The third blog post was a little shorter and shows off four new pieces of music that are available now for fans to listen to and get a sense of what the game will sound like.

Finally, the last blog post gave us more details on the overall progress and what else has been added into the game so far. They mention how they will be bringing out blog posts more regularly to show off progress. This post shows off the new work they have done so far, this includes the introduction of some new biomes, updated farming systems and also the new monsters and mysteries that have been added.

For more information on everything covered in this article be sure to head over to the Hytale website and check out the blog posts for yourself.

Does Hytale look like something you would play?


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