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HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse

At 59g, this latest mouse from HyperX is the lightest we've been able to sample.

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Revealed at this year's Consumer Electronics Showcase, the HyperX Pulsefire Haste is a new feather-light gaming mouse that retails at the affordable price of £44.99. Along with its honeycomb hex design and light weight, the peripheral's other defining features are that it includes a Paracord cable to reduce tension and it has a 60M click durability.

When it comes to presentation, the Pulsefire Haste isn't exactly the prettiest gaming mouse that I have laid eyes on. It almost resembles a pair of Crocs, as its black outer shell has several small holes drilled into it in an effort to reduce its mass. The mouse does feature RGB lighting, but it isn't the most eye-catching, as it just flickers between different colours behind the mouse wheel. Its cable, whilst sturdy, also resembles a shoelace due to the Paracord material that it is comprised of. Looks are certainly subjective, but I wasn't a fan.

It might not be easy on the eyes, but it's by far the lightest mouse I have used. The mouse weights 59g (80g with the cable included), and its lightweight can be attributed in part to its honeycomb design, which I mentioned earlier. It did take some getting used to at first as I found my hand sliding all across the desk, but I soon came to appreciate its design. Its feather-like weight meant that I could glide over my mousepad with ease, and this was perfect for games like CS:GO where I had to quickly react to gunshots.

Okay, I might have previously mocked the mouse's cable due to its appearance, but I was really impressed with it from a practical standpoint. Its Paracord material meant that it wouldn't bunch together when moving it around rapidly, and I found it to be ample in length. At 1.8 meters, it was lengthy enough that I could move it across my entire desk when I had it plugged into my PC on the floor. There's no option here to replace the cable if it does get damaged, but thankfully, it doesn't feel like it could be torn unless it's met with a lot of force.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse

The button selection here admittedly isn't very extensive, but it's pretty much on par with other alternatives that you'll find at its price point. Here there's just two side buttons, and one singular button placed beneath the mouse's scroll wheel. There's not an awful lot to play around with and customise, but thankfully, these inputs feel awfully snappy. The left and right mouse buttons in particular feel really responsive as the out layer of plastic is wafer-thin. They are also guaranteed to last long term as the mouse features a 60M click durability.

The mouse is compatible with the HyperX NGENUITY software, which can easily be downloaded for free. This software can enable you to adjust your DPI settings, assign keys, and change the lighting just behind the scrolling wheel. With regards to adjusting the lighting, I was quite impressed with the suite of options that I had access to. You can change the speed it cycles through colours, the opacity of the light, and the specific colours it displays.

Elsewhere on the mouse, there's four rubberised pads on its underside that allow it to glide across surfaces with ease. A downside that I did notice was that dust would stick to these pads easily and it stood out due to them being coloured white. If you're not messy like me though and keep your desk in an orderly shape, you should be fine in this regard. Another appreciated feature is that grip tape is included within the box, and this can be applied to the side of the mouse to give you an extra element of control when you're adjusting to its weight.

It might not make for the prettiest addition to your gaming setup, but HyperX Pulsefire Haste is still a great companion, especially if you're a fan of games that demand quick reflexes. At 59g, it's the lightest mouse that I have ever been able to sample, and I found its inputs to be responsive. It does, however, struggle to catch the eye with lighting only being present behind the mouse wheel and it doesn't feature a great amount of bells and whistles.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming MouseHyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse
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7 / 10
It's the lightest mouse I've used. Its inputs feel snappy. Its Paracord cable reduces tension and is lengthy at 1.8 meters.
I wasn't a huge fan of its appearance. It only has six programmable buttons. The lighting is very minimalistic.
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