Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed manages to sell 40,000 units in three days

The game was critiqued for not joining Game Pass, but it seems to have paid off.

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While we often report on the games that manage to sell hundreds of thousands and millions of copies in their first few days of release, but it doesn't mean that other games can't do well with less sales.

Hypercharge: Unboxed, the game where you play as toys come to life in a fun multiplayer shooter, has recently landed on Xbox, and in its first day it managed to sell 25,000 copies. The official Twitter/X account for the game posted this news, celebrating the sales figures.

It seemed some wanted to take aim at Hypercharge: Unboxed for selling this amount, but the devs won't be put down by these bad-faith takes, as they've jumped from selling 25,000 in a day to 40,000 in three days. Not bad considering the game has been out for a while on PC.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

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