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Hyenas reveals new Sonic-inspired character

There's also an alpha playtest later today.

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Creative Assembly's latest title, Hyneas, is a PvPvE extraction shooter with a lot of wacky characters and references to Sega's past and present. One such reference is the newest character revealed for the game, Hero-Ki, who dresses in a Sonic cosplay in his base outfit.

Hero-Ki's backstory labels him as a cosplayer who had quite a large online following. In the game, he can use his abilities of disguise to appear as another character. It'll be difficult to tell if someone is disguised or not, but according to Creative Assembly you should be able to figure it out if given the time.

As well as announcing Hero-Ki, Hyenas has also revealed a new alpha playtest starting today at 17:00 GMT. You'll be able to sign up for the alpha here and give it a go if you're interested.

Check out the Hero-Ki reveal trailer here:


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