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Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 and Nine To Five are coming soon to Google Stadia

Nine to five is also conveniently free-to-play.

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Believe or not, today (November 19) marks the two year anniversary of Google Stadia. Sure, its journey has been a rocky one, but it has still been able to live longer than most predicted, and it's still receiving brand-new titles. On the eve of its second birthday, two more games were announced to be coming in the near future: Hunting Simulator 2 and Nine To Five.

Hunting Simulator 2 is set to hit the cloud-based platform on November 30. It's said to feature more than 33 animal species across environments set in Texas, Colorado, and Europe. Nine To Five is arriving at the later date of December 8 and will be free-to-play. The shooter sees three teams of three go head-to-head in some highly intense futuristic battles. It also supports cross-play and cross-progression too, which means that it should be able to retain a broad pool of players.

Hunting Simulator 2

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