Hunt the Night
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Hunt the Night gets a dark and gory trailer

No release date has been mentioned as of yet.

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This pixel-based title from Moonlight Games is something we in the editorial team thought looked like a mix between Bloodborne and the Super Nintendo Castlevania - and that is of course a good thing. It offers beautiful design and looks like an explosive action game, and on the developers' website we can read the following:

Hunt the Night is a retro-style action-adventure game that combines a fast and skilled gameplay with dark fantasy lore.

In addition to a dark world based on folk tales, you can customise your character. Solve different forms of puzzles, meet bosses who have different weaknesses and strengths. Even the music adapts to how you play. There is no date set for this spectacle yet but we will update you when that is the case. Until then, you can watch the latest trailer for the game below.

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