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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown update adds requested content

Including Dark Sight boost, Death Screen, and more.

Crytek has released Update 2 for their multiplayer bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown, which adds new features, improvements, and equipment, the biggest of which is a new mechanic that gives the player who kills a boss monster a temporary Dark Sight boost, which gives them the ability to locate other Hunters on the map for a short period.

Update 2 also adds a much-requested Death Screen, the option to add other Hunters as friends, and to 'loot' dead Hunters. There are a few new items to use as well, such as a bear trap, hive bomb, flare pistol, the Beastface trait, and the Tomahawk trait. The Beastface trait lets animals react less likely to your presence, while the Tomahawk trait gives a player the ability to throw the axe and the sledgehammer.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available in Early Access on Steam. Have you been playing it at all?

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