Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown trailer showcases new monster

We also get a look at some more weapons.

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Crytek's bounty hunting asymmetrical multiplayer game, Hunt: Showdown, revealed some new details in its latest trailer as part of the PC Gaming show at E3.

The trailer, which looks amazing by the way, gives us a quick glimpse at some new weapons. It starts off with a look at the vintage crossbow, a chunky bolt-based weapon that looks like it packs a serious punch. Next up was the throwing knives, the ultimate stealth weapon for those looking to remain undetected.

It then transitions into the hand crossbow, the smaller cousin of the aforementioned crossbow, it looks really tiny in comparison. Last up was the barbed sticky bomb that by far looked the most effective at removing problems.

The trailer ends with a tease of the newest monster, a tentacled creature called the water devil that does not look all too friendly.

Hunt: Showdown is available for purchase right now on Steam Early Access.


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