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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown - Alpha Impressions

We've been both the hunter and the hunted in Crytek's zombie-filled co-op shooter.

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Straight off the bat, Hunt: Showdown feels like a Deep South DayZ, but this time with slow shuffling zombies wading through the water a la Dead Island: Riptide. Crytek's new shooter sits somewhere between the two, with its undead-dodging gameplay reminding of Bohemia's mod-turned-game, while the co-op focus leans closer to Riptide. Then again, you can feel the PUBG-vibes too, albeit there's more of a focus on in-game objectives here, giving each match a more narrative feel than PlayerUnknown's genre-defining title. That might sound like a strange blend of ingredients, but our initial impression of Hunt: Showdown is that it's a mix that works.

You can play the game solo, but doing so would be to miss the point. Crytek is crafting a game built around co-op gameplay, where working with a partner is heavily incentivised throughout, from the moment you spawn until the last shot is fired and the match is over. But we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Before you're dropped into a game you have to choose your hunter. Using the small fund you have at your disposal you can hire a character, and each one has different stats and equipment that will change the way you play. Our first game was with a shotgun-wielding gent - there seems to be a lack of female characters for some reason - but thereafter we opted for riflemen as we prefer being able to dispatch opponents from range. If you pay a little more you can get hunters with additional bonuses, and the one we kept seeing pop up was an increased stamina recovery rate, but you can also get various secondary weapons and helpful items to use in-game.

Hunt: Showdown

As far as we can tell, there are up to five pairs of players in each game, and each team is dropped on the fringes a swamp-filled map set somewhere in Louisiana (we think). It's a decent size, and after playing several games we still haven't seen all of it, but at the same time, it's not so big that you'll be miles away from the action at any given time. Each team has the same objective: take out a designated target hidden somewhere in the environment, before collecting a token and then making good your escape. However, while that may sound simple, it's not.

The hunting alluded to in the title involves triggering "dark sight", a blackened screen and distorted vision whereby you see a cluster of blue particles floating in the darkness off in the distance. Teams must head to these markers and investigate the clues found there, and once they've done so an area on the map will darken and you know that your target isn't there. Like the shrinking circle in PUBG, this dwindling playing area means teams are on a collision course. After enough clues have been found, the final location is highlighted, and everyone can head there. Once the target is taken down, the winning team can grab tokens and head for extraction, although the tokens can be tracked by other players, essentially painting a target on the back of the team in the process.

Hunt: ShowdownHunt: Showdown
Hunt: ShowdownHunt: Showdown
Hunt: ShowdownHunt: ShowdownHunt: ShowdownHunt: Showdown