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Humble's 'Hooked On Multiplayer' Bundle is here

It's all about, you guessed it, multiplayer.

Humble Bundles are a constant source of delight for PC gamers looking for a bargain, and Humble's latest offer, the Humble 'Hooked On Multiplayer' Bundle, provides exactly what it says on the tin: multiplayer games.

Paying $1 USD (about £0.89) or more will get you Tricky Towers, Eon Altar Episode 1, and Primal Carnage: Extinction, but if you pay more than the average of $7.37 (about £5.87) you also get Move or Die, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Rampage Knights.

The highest tier, costing $10 (about £7.96), is all about Arrowhead Game Studios' Helldivers, giving you the game and the Ranger Pack DLC as well.

There are also some nice bonuses too, as you get 10% off of Humble Monthly if you pay the lowest tier, but beat the average and you also get the soundtracks for Move or Die and Rampage Knights. Which game in this offer gives the most multiplayer fun though?


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