Humble GameMaker Bundle available until September 20

GameMaker Studio Pro, games and source codes all in one package.

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A Humble GameMaker Bundle is now available up until September 20 and allows players access to modules of the YoYo Games' GameMaker Studio which, in its full package, usually costs several hundreds of pounds.

The GameMaker Bundle gives you GameMaker Studio Pro, an Android module, an iOS module, a HTML5 module and a Windows UWP module, not to mention a handful of GameMaker-made games and all their source codes.

As expected with Humble Bundles the base level is pay what you want, giving you a few games, their codes and the GameMaker Studio on its own, but paying more than the average, currently around £11.20, gives all of the features mentioned. As per usual, payment can be split as you see fit between developers, organisers and charities.

Humble GameMaker Bundle available until September 20

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