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Humble Bundle comes to PlayStation via Capcom

The European PS Store is not on the list, and it's mainly PS3 games.

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The PC players among you, and even Nintendo owners, are probably familiar with Humble Bundle, but we will explain the concept to those of you who prefer PlayStation. Humble Bundle is an offer where you pay what you want (with a low minimum) for a collection of games, and much of the money made goes to charity. Simple as that.

Now this offer has been made available on PlayStation for the first time, even though you can't use your European PSN account to access it. Over at the Humble Store you will find a large collection of Capcom Games, both for PS3 and PS4 (though mostly PS3).

The price for the cheapest bundle is $1 / £0.76 / €0.88, and it will buy you Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3, Strider, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and Final Fight Double Impact. It will also provide you with a coupon for 45% off Street Fighter 5.

The next tier is at $12.01 / £9.11 / €10.59, while the third and final one will give you access to all the games in the picture below is at $15 / £11.38 / €13.23.

All earnings goes to Save the Children, American Red Cross, and Rett Syndrome Foundation.

As mentioned you can't use your European PSN account, so you will need to create a second one based in one of these countries:

(US) United States
(CA) Canada
(MX) Mexico
(BR) Brazil
(CL) Chile
(AR) Argentina
(PE) Peru
(CO) Colombia
(PA) Panama
(CR) Costa Rica
(EC) Ecuador
(GT) Guatemala
(SV) El Salvador
(PY) Paraguay
(HN) Honduras
(BO) Bolivia
(UY) Uruguay
(NI) Nicaragua

Street Fighter V

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