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Humble Bundle and Fortnite donates almost $100 million to help Ukraine

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One week ago, we reported that Epic Games and Microsoft have joined forces to donate all the money spent in Fortnite until April 3 to causes helping Ukraine sustain the Russian aggression. This has already led to huge numbers, and now the official Twitter account for the game reveals that over $70 million have been collected:

"Together we've now raised $70 million USD in humanitarian relief funds for Ukraine. Congratulations and thanks everyone + @xbox for joining this effort!"

But this is not all the good news lately, as Humble Bundle has been selling a huge pack of 120 items that has been sold with 100% of the proceeds going to Ukraine. This sale recently ended and they write on Twitter:

"Our all-for-charity Stand With Ukraine bundle has ended. Together, we've raised over $20 million for humanitarian relief efforts in #Ukraine! Thank you all for your support!!!"

Basically, over $90 million, probably closer to $100 million, has now been donated via Epic Games, Microsoft and Humble Bundle alone in just one week.


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