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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat competition winning levels will be added

There are two levels that caught the eyes of Curve Digital, and we'll be getting them as an update in 2020.

Curve Digital and No Brakes Games launched a Workshop Competition for Human: Fall Flat back in June, offering a $10,000 USD prize for the creator of the best level, and now the pair have revealed two winners, with each receiving $10,000 for their entry.

These are now becoming official levels, with Manuel Nowak creating Thermal, while Tyler Ehninger made Factory, both of which you can see in the trailer below. There are a variety of gameplay options in there, like ropes, bridges, mechanisms, moving platforms, and more.

Both of these levels are coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One early next year, and this is just the start of the upcoming plans to release free levels and skins. Also, another Workshop Competition will be revealed early next year as well.

Those who want to get festive can do so with the Christmas Lobby returning to Steam, including the fireworks bazooka, and Human: Fall Flat is on sale across all platforms, in case you have yet to try it out.

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