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Human: Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat and The Flame in the Flood coming to Switch

Two indie titles offering rather different experiences.

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Publisher Curve Digital has announced that two major titles, Human Fall Flat and The Flame in the Flood, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, so if you're interested in falling around levels with silly physics or crafting your way to survival, you're in luck.

Publishing director Simon Byron said: "As a huge Nintendo fan, we are particularly pleased to be able to adapt two of our biggest console successes on the Nintendo Switch. We are excited that players can play The Flame in the Flood and Human: Fall Flat wherever they are. "

The press will have the opportunity to play The Flame in the Flood on Switch at Gamescom, and the game itself is expected to be released on October 27, whereas Human Fall Flat doesn't have a release date.

Which of the two will you be getting first?

Human: Fall Flat

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