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Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman shows off his ripped Deadpool 3 body

He says he did it the "old hard way".

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The now 55-year-old Hugh Jackman has been training hard and eating a lot of calories for the filming of Deadpool 3 where the actor, as you know, once again portrays Wolverine. Although after Logan he expressed that he was now retired from the role and did not intend to return, he has now eaten his words and in a clip on Instagram he now shows off his fit body.

The fruit of hard work, if we are to believe him and his claim that he did all the work "the old hard way", which is probably a truth with some modification. Because even though he stubbornly claimed never to have used steroids for the role, as per Variety, many people find it a bit hard to believe. Either way, he's back in shape and ready to continue filming Deadpool 3 after the strike in Hollywood ended.

What do you think about Jackman's training regime, are his claims true, and are you looking forward to Deadpool 3?

Deadpool 3

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