Microsoft Flight Simulator

Huge Xbox Series X added to Microsoft Flight Simulator

This version of the console might just be bigger than a PS5.

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As you might know, Microsoft's headquarters is located in Redmond, just outside Seattle. If you play Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can fly there and take a look at the huge complex. The Twitter user Oh_Gaz seems to have thought it lacked something in these next generation times, and has therefore added a giant Xbox Series X (like probably bigger than Playstation 5 and the world's largest building combined) to the area.

And he has done quite the work with it, as it looks like a photo realistic console with all the details you can imagine. If you check the video at the link above, you'll get to watch the video with the music from the demo disk included with the original Xbox console. Oh_Gaz also plans to add a Playstation 5 to the game later on.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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