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Huawei willing to sell 5G tech to another company

Chinese company Huawei is contemplating selling full-access rights to its 5G technology to a western buyer.

The Economist recently interviewed Ren Zhengfei, the chief executive of Huawei and in the interview, Zhengfei revealed something unexpected. He stated that Huawei is willing to sell rights to 5G, meaning it would sell its technology with full access to existing patents, licenses, blueprints and codes for a one-time fee, and that it would include production know-how.

Any buyer would be free to modify and change, meaning that a potential buyer would be able to block and remove any access Huawei and the Chinese government may have to the product.

It is still unclear, and as noted by The Economist, this could be all but be acceptable for the Chinese Government - even if Huawei is doing it to create a western competitor, a move that most likely would win a lot of favour with western countries skeptical about using Huawei.

Its also worth noting that all talks have been about "a" company getting access, meaning that only one western entity would be allowed to bid on the 5G tech. The question is who has got the deepest pockets if this turns out to be a bidding war.

Huawei willing to sell 5G tech to another company

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