HTC Vive is teasing something

The virtual reality hardware creator seems to have something on its way.

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Very recently, HTC Vive released a tweet with a picture on social media teasing what seems to be some new hardware on the way. The post came with a very short bit of text that reads simply "It's your move," but what exactly this means is up for speculation.

Considering the Vive Cosmos Elite is still quite young, only releasing last year, could this be an alternative to it. Since the Cosmos Play, a headset set to be HTC's answer to the Oculus Quest, has been scrapped, could this be a further look at the previously teased Project Proton headset?

There's no way of knowing for the time being, and considering the teaser doesn't exactly give us a time frame to work with, the best we can do is wait at the moment. You can take a look at the picture shown off with the teaser below.

HTC Vive is teasing something

Thanks, UploadVR.

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