HTC unveils the Vive Pro 2

The headset will go on sale on June 11.

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While we have seen the VR market heat up over recent years, after the introduction of the Oculus Quest and Valve's own Index, the HTC Vive were the original luxury offering, when the current virtual reality craze began back in 2016.

Since then, they've created some direct and indirect follow-ups, but today they've unveiled their most serious headset to date - the HTC Vive Pro 2.

The headset throws everything at the wall, basically, opting for High-Res certified and Spatial Sound enabled built-in headphones, a set of frankly gorgeous 2.5K resolution screens and the same set of modifications that made headsets like the Cosmos more versatile.

In terms of the form factor, it retains the same basic shape, with plenty of adjustability, a flip-up visor and Quick Sizing. The screens are now a total of 5K, or 4896x2448, and they are LCD IPS panels. They are also 120Hz, and utilise a 120 degree FOV, much wider than previous generations.

It also supports display stream compression, meaning that they've enabled backwards compatibility down to DisplayPort 1.2, if you do not yet own a 1.4 port, and it even works with older mods, trackers and controllers.

Actually, you can buy the headset itself without any accessories before the actual full bundle, and HTC sees this as a respectful move to those who've already supported them in the past.

It'll go on sale on June 11th at £1299 / €1399 for the full Vive Pro 2 kit.

HTC unveils the Vive Pro 2
The original HTC Vive.
HTC unveils the Vive Pro 2
HTC unveils the Vive Pro 2
HTC unveils the Vive Pro 2

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