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HTC launches new VR gear in the form of Vive Cosmos

HTC has launched loads of brand new VR equipment in its Vive series.

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In order to accommodate more flexible use-cases and add versatility to the VR gear in your home, Vive has launched a completely new series of VR equipment.

The Cosmos series is meant to be an adaptable and premium VR system for PC users.
The basic platform is the same no matter what version you have, and the features remain the same.

HTC Vive states the following;

Change your plates: With Vive Cosmos' interchangeable faceplates, users can get more out of their VR headset over time. Future upgrades in functionality and performance are as easy as changing the front faceplate.

One flip from reality: Featuring an innovative flip-up design, Vive Cosmos can transport users to and from their virtual world with ease. Vive Cosmos also delivers comfort and ergonomic features that make your VR experience more immersive and comfortable than ever before.

Impressive visuals: Every Vive Cosmos features the same great display, with 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution—an 88% increase over the original Vive—delivering crystal-clear text and graphics. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels and minimize the screen-door effect.

There are three main products;

Cosmos Elite uses the Lighthouse base stations, supports SteamVR tracking and is supported by a number of peripherals, including the Vive Tracker and Wireless adapter

It comes with pre-installed external faceplate, 2 SteamVR base stations, and two Vive controllers, and its also compatible with both Basestation 1.0 and 2.0 and the original Vive controllers. Bundle prices retail at €1049.

The new Face-plate will be sold separately as well.

Cosmos XR is a stand-alone edition with a faceplate for the modular Cosmos Vive, that brings the XR passthrough camera to Vive Cosmos, that allows you to integrate real-world and virtual content. Will be unveiled at GDC.

Cosmos Play is the first step into VR. It uses 4 inside-out tracking cameras and enables the customers to expand their system over time. Its meant for more basic games as Viveport Video, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and A Fisherman's Tale.

More details on pricing and release to follow.

Cosmos uses six cameras for added vertical tracking, and is compatible with the wireless adapter, and will be available in Q2 for 883 euro.

In addition, three new faceplates are now available

"Our customers want an incredible VR experience and we are proud to announce a new family of products tailor-made for VR use-cases of all types," said Yves Maître, CEO, HTC. "Vive Cosmos is truly the most versatile headset yet. From consumers just discovering VR for the first time to the demanding business user, Vive Cosmos offers stellar quality, comfort, and the ability to evolve VR and XR journeys over time - from changing faceplates to adding options like wireless."

Products can be pre-ordered on Vive.

HTC launches new VR gear in the form of Vive Cosmos
HTC launches new VR gear in the form of Vive Cosmos
HTC launches new VR gear in the form of Vive Cosmos

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