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HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia staff band together and try to oust company CEO

Mobile studio divided as a petition signed by more than half of staff fails to remove CEO, although a replacement is being sourced.

More than half of the staff at HQ Trivia, the studio behind the online puzzle game of the same name, signed a petition to remove current CEO Rus Yusupov from his position, citing his mismanagement of the studio and the decline of its bread-winning game.

There's an extensive report over on TechCrunch outlining the reasons why staff mutinied, but the crux of their complaint is that the game's player base is dwindling, Yusupov is apparently slow at making decisions, and there isn't a huge amount of money in the bank to sustain the studio in the long term. These factors combined together have left the developers there understandably anxious.

The ringleaders who started the petition have since been let go, and charismatic host Scott Rogowsky was also removed from his position, according to the report.

Studio co-founder Colin Kroll was promoted to the roll of CEO last year, but after his death, then chief creative officier Yusupov was asked to return to the position as company chief. Several months later, in February 2019, more than 20 (or 35) employees signed a petition to have Yusupov removed, with one investor offering to finance the search for a new CEO while providing funds for the new appointment to restore the game to prominence.

For now, however, Yusupov remains at the helm, and stays on as interim chief until a full appointment can be made, although power now rests with a design-making committee, a move no doubt to calm employees and investors alike.

HQ Trivia

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