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HP and HTC Vive sponsor Omniverse Esports

Virtuix's virtual reality esports project has backing from some big names, which means equally big prizes for players.

Virtuix Omni is developing virtual reality esports contests as part of their Ominiverse Esports project, and now they've revealed that both HTC Vive and HP are sponsoring this venture, meaning top teams each month will now win HTC Vive VR systems as well as cash prizes, with runners-up getting an Omen Mindframe headset.

For more on Omniverse Esports, head on over to the official website, where you can see the top players, games available, register, and more. You can even find full competition schedules and venues to get involved.

Do you think virtual reality esports can take off in the future?

HP and HTC Vive sponsor Omniverse Esports
Photo: Virtuix

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