How Yoshida fell in love with virtual reality

Sony chief offers the moment when VR clicked for him.

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Paris Games Week kicked off Tuesday night with Sony's press conference, and one of their focus points was PlayStation VR. After the show Gamereactor and other press where invited to a panel regarding Sony's virtual reality kit, Morpheus, and the PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida was one of the representatives on hand to answer questions.

A lot of praise was offered for the PlayStation VR, but possibly the most interesting thing said was by Yoshida himself, when answering a question regarding when he himself realised virtual reality was something he wanted the company to explore:

"Tom came to me and said 'try this'. It was like a homemade headset for the PS3 and I put this thing on and it was a God of War game. So I was Kratos in first-person view. I looked down at a very strong man's body and... I was sold."

Of course, who wouldn't be sold when looking like this:

How Yoshida fell in love with virtual reality
Thanks to Gamereactor Sweden's Mathias Holmberg for his outstanding Photoshop work.

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