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How Yakuza 0 explores series' origins

New dev diary released for upcoming prequel.

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Sega has just entered Yakuza 0's final stretch of localisation and development for Western audiences, and for fans that means not only the wait is almost over, but also more juicy info and clues on the game's plot. A couple of weeks back they got to learn more about the protagonist's story with a new trailer, now they can get a new glimpse on the overarching narrative with the dev diary video below:


Scott Strichart, associate localisation producer at Sega, talks about general storyline, franchise roots (as this is a prequel to the beloved 6+ games Japanese mafia series), game world and characters. Commenting on the dual-system for Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, Strichart explains that "every two chapters you'll be switching between the two characters. Their plots are separate, but as you'll slowly start to see, they do kind of intertwine in ways that make it a really interesting and compelling story".

Yakuza 0 means both a roots story and an update to the Yakuza series flagship mechanics, now introducing combat style swapping, new playable characters such as former NPC Goro Majima or new money-spending opportunities given the Japanese 1980s setting. It'll launch in January 2017 on both PS3 and PS4.

Yakuza 0

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