Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

How the last four teams got to the Faceit Major semi-finals

We look back at the last few days.

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Fans of CS:GO currently have a lot of competitive action to look forward to in the form of the Faceit Major at London's SSE Arena, and the last two days have seen the eight teams whittled down to the last four, with the first semi-final between MIBR and NaVi taking place today at 15.15 UTC (16.25 BST), followed by Team Liquid against Astralis at 18.45 UTC (19.45 BST).

All of the quarter-final matches in the last few days have been best-of-threes, and MIBR's experienced squad only needed two maps to take down CompLexity, starting off dominant with a 16-4 win on Train, followed by a 16-12 victory on Inferno. It was an even more convincing win by NaVi over German side BIG as well, as they won 16-2 and 16-6 to book their match against MIBR today.

Team Liquid vs. HellRaisers was perhaps the closest quarter-final match, as Liquid's first map win on Mirage was close at 16-10, with HellRaisers bouncing back on Dust II to win by the same margin. It all came down to Cache then, but Liquid showed why they're the favourites for many, claiming a 16-8 win to book their place against Astralis.

Speaking of Astralis, they faced FaZe Clan, and despite the 2-0 overall scoreline, that perhaps didn't reflect how close the maps were. Mirage and Inferno went to 16-14 and 16-12 respectively, and FaZe always looked a threat, but Astralis proved why they're one of the favourites too.

Who do you think we'll see in the final?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Faceit

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