Raid: World War II

How John Cleese came to be in Raid: World War II

"I want to say that it was planned from the beginning. But it wasn't, but it was."

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Backstage at Starstream with caught up with creative director Ilja Petrusic to learn more about the story elements and the rather inspired choice to cast John Cleese in the game.

"I want to say that it was planned from the beginning," says Petrusic of the casting of John Cleese as your mission briefer in the game. "But it wasn't, but it was. It's weird, you sit down and you go 'we need to guy who's going to give you all the missions, and be the sort of the glue of the game, imagine if we could have John Cleese'. Yeah, sure, bla bla bla bla. Down the line time comes to start producing and thinking about these things and we reach out to actors and agents and then all of the sudden somebody says 'John Cleese wants to do it' and you just run around with your hands in the air for a while and then you start writing."

When it comes to working with John Cleese and how he treats the script Petrusic had this to say:

"That was the best part, I think. I mean he wouldn't write a lot of stuff, but he would change stuff. 'Hey guys, maybe I could say this instead.' He's amazing. The professionality of the guy is insane. You get inspired just by looking at it. So he would basically just rehearse a line once, and then we would say what needs to be said and sometimes he wasn't even close to the line. But he says what you write so he gets it across, but he does it in his own way. And it's better than you ever could plan it."

Raid: World War II

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