Gears of War 4

How Gears of War 4 takes advantage of added power

We talk to Rod Fergusson about leveraging the power of Xbox One S, Windows 10 and Project Scorpio.

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When you think of it, making a game as a first-party developer for Microsoft these days is essentially making a game for four platforms (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Windows 10, and Project Scorpio). We asked Rod Fergusson from The Coalition what this means for the experience.

"Basically it's about power, right?", says Fergusson. "In terms of Xbox One S it gives you more power than the original Xbox One so you use that in a way that, it's probably about what your TV can do honestly, if you have a TV that can do HDR the Xbox One S has the power to be able to display the game with HDR. So you get those richer, more vibrant colours, the darker darks, the brighter brights. And then if you have a 4K TV the Xbox One S will actually upscale the game to 4K. So it won't be 4K assets, but it will be upscaled to a 4K resolution. And then when you look at the Win 10, the same thing.

"The demo in our theatre where you go to see it [at E3] it will be full 4K on this beautiful 90 inch TV on a Win 10, and then it's going to be connected during cross-play with an Xbox One S doing HDR so you're able to have that back and forth during the co-op campaign. So it's really allowing you to take advantage. And it's really what you hear about the future, about what it is, about Project Scorpio and those sort of things. It's about creating games that allows you to take advantage of the platforms that are underneath them so that they get better and better as they get more power."

We'll run the full interview with Rod Fergusson later today on GRTV.

Gears of War 4

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