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Lego Bricktales

How Bridge Constructor Portal inspired Lego Bricktales

The Lego Group was very fascinated by the crossover game and wanted something similar.

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In recent months we have previewed a lot of games, but few has managed to capture our imagination in quite the same way as Lego Bricktales. The game really captures the creative aspects of the iconic toy, which isn't that surprising considering the developer ClockStone Studio is the team behind the Bridge Constructor series.

During Gamescom we spoke to project manager at ClockStone Studios Matthias Hilke and he told us that it was the Bridge Constructor series - and one game in particular - that led the Lego Group to approach the Austrian developer:

"Head Up, which is now Thunderful, was contacted about three years ago by Lego. They wanted to make a game where Lego, that is building with Lego Bricks, would be at the core of the game. And they were quite fascinated by the games we did before. They were fascinated by Bridge Constructor Portal because it has to do with building and shows a lot of creative potential. So, we thought, we need a game now where you want to build with bricks and be creative, but we also want to have some functional elements and physics simulation."


During our interview, which you can view in full just above, Mattias Hilke also spoke about which other Lego Games had inspired the studio during development:

"The core of the game is about building brick by brick. The only game that has really done this so far is the game Lego Builder's Journey that came out three years ago. It does it very nicely but on a very small scale. You build with only a limited amount of bricks and very small elements. We are taking this a step further by having bigger worlds and also the spots where you construct something are at a larger scale. You have way more bricks and more complex things you can actually build."

Lego Bricktales releases October 12 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. You can read our preview here.

Lego Bricktales

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