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Housemarque teases us with a new Stormdivers clip

The game will be officially revealed next week at Gamescom.

A few days before its official reveal at Gamescom 2018, scheduled for next week in Cologne, the Finnish studio Housemarque has today released a new teaser clip where we can get a taste of their new multiplayer IP by the name of Stormdivers, announced back in April.

As Mikael Haveri writes in a post on the studio's website, the good news is that, with the official presentation of the game, the studio will offer more constant and continuous updates aimed at giving players much more detail on the game.

The new clip itself doesn't show much, but at this point we just have to wait for next week when the game will finally be shown at Gamescom. We'll be there in Cologne too, so expect updates from us as well.

Is this an IP you're excited to hear more about?

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