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Housemarque focused on multiplayer in Alienation

We had a chat about the PS4 exclusive twin stick shooter.

We caught up with head of self-publishing Mikael Haveri and community manager Tommaso de Benetti from Housemarque, to talk about their upcoming shooter Alienation, which was playable at Paris Games Week.
Housemarque's previous titles Dead Nation and Resogun could be played on your own but, they were an absolute blast playing co-op.

"We're really focusing on the multiplayer aspect of it. Going rogue is something we're still looking into, but it's a very collaborative effort". De Benetti stated, "When you finish the game the game isn't finished. There's a lot more to do when you finish the campaign".

Watch the interview and see this new game in action. While not confirmed release information prematurely displayed on PlayStation Store put the release date in March. Alienation is exclusively heading to PS4.

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