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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed is Milestone's fastest-selling title ever

The racing game is officially a million seller.

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We really liked Hot Wheels Unleashed when it was released late September, and clearly we weren't the only ones who appreciated the fast and colourful racing game. The developer Milestone has now announced in a press release that it is officially a million seller, and also the studio's fastest-selling title ever.

The franchise owner Mattel is clearly proud of this, and head of digital gaming Andrew Chan says:

"Hot Wheels is all about encouraging the challenger spirit and Hot Wheels Unleashed brings that mission to life for gamers of all ages. We're proud of this exciting milestone, and we look forward to even more fans discovering the game and new upcoming content as we head into 2022."

Have you tried out Hot Wheels Unleashed yet, and what did you think of it?

Hot Wheels Unleashed

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